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The Functional Genomics Core Facility offers state-of-the-art resources and solutions for conducting genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics and functional genomics projects. FGC works with researchers to determine project goals and design custom solutions. The YCC Functional Genomics Core provides resources for Yale investigators to perform pooled shRNA and CRISPR/Cas9 screens in human and mouse cells. Resources include pooled libraries for screening, consultation and guidance in performing screens, and bioinformatics support for analysis of screening data. The Functional Genomics Core (FGC) provides capacity for high-throughput chemical, RNAi, and deletion library-based screens for the purpose of network analysis, drug and target discovery.

Functional genomics core

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Services provided by the core: Housing and general care of zebrafish (feeding, breeding, health monitoring, system maintenance) Training in zebrafish handling and husbandry; Assistance with zebrafish protocol planning and preparation; Propagation of wild-type zebrafish stocks for embryo production The Functional Genomics Core (FGC) of the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain) is open to work with researchers from academia and industry. We provide comprehensive support to your projects whenever genome-wide measurements of DNA or RNA are needed or gene expression should be manipulated. Tools for Genomic Analysis FGC provides tools for: iLabs Functional Genomics Core. UNC Core Facilities Website. Affiliated Cores UNC High-Throughput Sequencing Facility. UNC Mammalian Genotyping Core. Contact Us. The Zebrafish Functional Genomics Core is a newly designed facility housing a state-of-the-art Pentair Aquatic Habitats recirculating aquaria, housed in the Department of Comparative Medicine.

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Dr. Kristen Jepsen serves as co-investigator and is the director of the IGM Genomics Center at UCSD, which performs all sequencing-based assays for the Core. CF Functional Genomics The Core Facility Functional Genomics supports and performs high-throughput image-based experiments combined with RNAi and provides technical expertise and support in high-content analysis microscopy for the quantitative analysis of cellular phenotypes.

Functional genomics core

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Functional genomics core

Please check back for updates. Thank you. The Functional Genomics Center Zurich (FGCZ) is a joint state-​of-the-art research and training facility of the ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich. With the  The Cancer Functional Genomics Core at the Stephenson Cancer Center offers cutting-edge technology that can provide extremely accurate and reliable  The Molecular Biology and Functional Genomics Core Facility offers a range of services combining advice and access to cutting-edge techniques to meet gene  Genome-wide RNAi libraries available to Massachusetts General Hospital from the Broad Institute. Functional Genomics Core. Genome-wide RNAi libraries  The infrastructure and research services provided by our core facility are supported by Biocenter Finland, Academy of Finland, University of Turku and Åbo   Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich - Functional Genomics Core.

Functional genomics core

In the Functional Genomics & Metabolism Research Unit, we use advanced genomic tools to understand the transcriptional plasticity and regulatory networks   Biomedicum Functional Genomics Unit (FuGU), next-generation sequencing, NGS, genomics, services, contact information, Helsinki. Read about IDT products used in research, get expert application advice, and find answers to common research questions related to functional genomics. The screening platforms supported by the facility enable systematic, comprehensive interrogation of gene function or molecular processes that provide  CRISPR technology is a core competency for MilliporeSigma, which has a 16- year history in the genome-editing field.
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Functional genomics core

Roberto Piva. The Functional Genomics Core Facility (FGCF), directed by Prof. Roberto Piva, was established at the MBC Torino in 2012 as a result of a collaborative project involving three research centres (CeRMS, MBC, HuGEF), thanks to the contributions of Fondazione di San Paolo and Italian Ministry of Health.

For plate-based quantitative assays, we have the Cellomics high-content screening system, as well as multimodal plate readers. This Core provides cutting-edge technology to assay gene function both in living animals and in cell culture. The Functional Genomics Shared Resource offers assistance with screening using the latest RNAi technologies and CRISPR reagents.
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Welcome to the Functional Genomics Core. The Functional Genomics Core performs expression profiling, SNP genotyping and copy number microarray (Thermo Fisher) services. We currently have Beckman Coulter’s Biomek® FXP Target Prep Express robot and the GeneTitan Instrument from Affymetrix which allow the processing of hundreds of microarray samples The Functional Genomics Core’s mission is to provide researchers at the University of Arizona with the capacity to run high-throughput compound, RNAi, and deletion library based screens for the purpose of network analysis, drug and/or target discovery. We will work with you to develop an assay, carryout a screen and/or analyze the data. Functional Genomics Core.

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The University of Chicago Genomics Facility offers Next-Gen (Illumina and Pacific Biosciences Sequencing and Library prep), Micro-array (Illumina genotyping and EPIC arrays), Sanger DNA Sequencing, and Bio-analyzer/Fragment-analyzer sample QC services. For Single Cell sequencing project the Facility operates a DROP-SEQ and 10X Genomics instrument. The Functional Genomics Core (FGC) provides capacity for high-throughput chemical, RNAi, and deletion library-based screens for the purpose of network analysis, drug and target discovery. The FGC helps investigators doing research in molecular biology carry out live cell, biochemical and other assays.

DNA microaray- och andra genomikanalyser vid genomic core facilities  We are building a core team to develop and apply CRISPR-Cas9 and Experience with functional genomics screens and HTS campaigns in  Integration of external signaling pathways with the core transcriptional network in embryonic ChIP-chip comes of age for genome-wide functional analysis.